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Utilize the best text editor in email.

A sleek minimalist editor with maximal features, flexibility, and customization.

beehiiv theme editor
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Build a beautifully customized newsletter.

Why should your newsletter look like everyone else’s? We provide a full customization suite to personalize your aesthetic.

beehiiv creator dashboard

Build your website. Own your content.

All of your content lives within your very own fully-functional website—SEO optimized, aesthetically consistent, and more.

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Advanced campaign metrics.

All of the data and metrics you need to understand your audience engagement, available at your fingertips in a beautifully accessible dashboard.

beehiiv creator dashboard

Full audience control.

Create content exclusively for different subscriber tiers and segments. We’ll handle authentication, paywalls, and subscription management.

...And a whole lot more under the hood

Full customization suite

Colors, fonts, spacing, sizing, and more. Customize every pixel of your newsletter.

Gmail Clipping Warning

Built in clipping detection to warn you when your email may clip in Gmail.

Premium Paywall

We automatically handle paywalling non-premium visitors on your premium content, and encourage them to upgrade.

Media Library

Upload, manage, and re-use all of your media assets with our simple-to-navigate media library tool.

Custom HTML Blocks

Drop custom HTML code directly into your newsletter to offer maximum flexibility.

Embedded Features

Drop the referral program and other tools we offer directly into your content, without leaving the editor.

Insights and metrics

Carefully crafted by those who understand email—we'll provide the insights you need to scale.

Word Count

Live word count tracker in the text editor to seamlessly monitor your length and progress.

The beehiiv advantage

Built by the same team who created Morning Brew’s internal tools and infrastructure—trust us when we say you’re using the best tools the newsletter space has to offer.

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