Your Audience.
Your Revenue.

Your Audience.
Your Revenue.

The most flexible, expansive toolkit for newsletter subscriptions. And we don't even take a cut of your revenue.
Premium Post
This is the beginning of a really incredible post I created for my paying premium readers.
If that's you, congrats! You'll be able to enjoy this entire post.
Otherwise if you're a free reader and haven't yet upgraded, you're going to have to do so to read more...
And because beehiiv is so awesome, I was able to do this with a single click!

Migrate premium subscriptions to beehiiv in just 5 minutes

We've built a suite of tools specifically to make the migration from other platforms seamless, and without any disruptions to your current readers.

Upload subscribers

Download a csv of your existing email list and upload it directly to beehiiv. Estimated time: 1 minute.

Import existing content

Drop your current URL into our content import tool and we'll do the rest. Estimated time: 1 minute.

Transfer premium subscriptions

Connect your Stripe account and use our migration tool to transfer your active subscriptions to beehiiv. Your readers won't be notified of the switch—their payment method, billing cycle, and other settings will all remain unchanged...and now you'll keep 100% of your revenue. Estimated time: 3 minutes.

We have a dedicated team of support engineers to provide white glove service upon request. Contactconciergeso we can ensure everything goes smoothly.

Unlock more earnings

Moving from Substack can save you close to 10% in fees alone.

Estimate your earnings with premium subscriptions

$109,320 / year
$11,652 more than Substack

*While we don't charge any fees—our payment partner, Stripe, charges an industry-standard 2.9% fee + $0.30/transaction.

Turn your audience into recurring revenue.

Offer custom monthly or annual pricing, and keep 100% of the revenue.

beehiiv theme editor
beehiiv upgrade page

Convert free readers into paying subscribers.

Create custom offers and free trials directly in the platform. Use these to incentivize upgrades, and we'll track the conversions.

beehiiv creator dashboard

Best-in-class technology solutions right out of the box.

We handle all user authentication, content paywalls, secure payments, reader settings and more.

beehiiv upgrade page

Tease your premium content to the world.

Send a single premium post to your whole audience—paying readers can access the entire post, free readers can read until the content break and are encouraged to upgrade.

Just to recap everything beehiiv provides under the hood...

Custom pricing

Create bespoke pricing tiers for monthly and annual payments for your readers.

Seamless user authentication

Your readers can login with a simple magic link.

Premium Paywall

We automatically handle paywalling non-premium visitors on your premium content, and encourage them to upgrade.

Custom teaser content

You control how much of a premium post non-paying readers can access before being asked to upgrade.

Promotional offers

Offer custom discounts or limited-time offers to your free readers to incentivize upgrades.

Free trials

Offer free trials to your free readers to give them a taste of premium.

Secure payment suite

We handle all the payment logic and infrastructure so you don't have to.

Full audience control

Create content for different subscription tiers, manage readers, and more.

The beehiiv advantage

Built by the same team who created Morning Brew’s internal tools and infrastructure—trust us when we say you’re using the best tools the newsletter space has to offer.

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