Your writing.
Your style.
Your revenue.

Your writing.
Your style.
Your revenue.

Grow your audience, build new revenue streams, and elevate your publication — all with flexible no-code solutions.
Beekeeper's Weekly
The latest trends and stories from the world of beekeeping.

Build a custom newsletter and website

Your newsletters shouldn't look like everyone else's. We provide the tools to make your newsletter yours with flexible no-code solutions.

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Your revenue is your revenue

We don't take any cut of your subscription revenue (seriously).

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Grow your audience

Use our in-platform tools to build a customizable subscriber referral program, segment your audience, and create attribution reports and cohort analysis.

Unlock more earnings

Moving from Substack can save you close to 10% in fees alone.

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Estimate your earnings with premium subscriptions

$109,320 / year
$11,652 more than Substack

*While we don't charge any fees—our payment partner, Stripe, charges an industry-standard 2.9% fee + $0.03/transaction.

A newsletter platform built by newsletter people

This is only the beginning—our team is working around the clock to expand our offerings so you're in the best position to succeed.

Advanced Customization

Seamlessly customize the aesthetic of your webpages and newsletters.

Superior Analytics

Understand the growth, acquisition channels, engagement, and performance of your publication.

Paid Subscriptions

We make monetizing your publication via subscriptions simple, and we don't take any fee.*

Optimized Deliverability

We'll make sure your newsletters arrive in your reader's inboxes so you don't have to worry.

Subscriber Management

Manage both your free and premium subscriptions alongside detailed analysis and metrics.

Content Discoverability

Our discover page will amplify the most popular publications and allow visitors to search by topic.

Manage Team Members

Expand your team to help build your content empire.

Best In Class

Built by a team who scaled a newsletter to 3 million subscribers and 20 million+ in revenue.

*Our payment partner, Stripe, charges an industry-standard 2.9% fee + 30¢