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Unleash the power of automation with bespoke email journeys.

Benefits of Automations


Automations allow for timely and relevant communication with your subscribers based on their engagement


By automating communications, you provide a personalized experience for your subscribers that drives loyalty


No matter how fast your subscriber base grows, automations can handle communications, making it easier for you to scale your operations.


Our analytics suite reports on the performance of your automations allowing you to optimize over time


Once set up, automations run independently, saving you valuable time


Automations ensure consistent communication, enhancing your brand's reliability and trustworthiness.

How It Works

Triggers available in Automations

  • Sign Up
  • Upgrade
  • Manual

Types of Automation Series

  • Welcome series
  • Upgrade series
  • Content series

Finally, an in-house solution to understand our audience better. The survey answers connect with each reader's profile and helps us segment them.

Upward News

The survey form gives us critical insights on what our users want from our newsletter. It's a game changer for sure.


I use surveys to collect information about my subscribers as they're signing up for my newsletter. It's critical to know who you're writing for, and surveys allows me to do just that.

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Check out our case study on how The Milk Road grew from launch to hundreds of thousands of engaged subscribers to acquisition in under a year powered by beehiiv’s publishing suite.

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