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Unleash the power of automation with bespoke email journeys.

Benefits of Automations


Automations allow for timely and relevant communication with your subscribers based on their engagement


By automating communications, you provide a personalized experience for your subscribers that drives loyalty


No matter how fast your subscriber base grows, automations can handle communications, making it easier for you to scale your operations.


Our analytics suite reports on the performance of your automations allowing you to optimize over time


Once set up, automations run independently, saving you valuable time


Automations ensure consistent communication, enhancing your brand's reliability and trustworthiness.

How it works


Sign-Up, Upgrade, and more. Triggers are actions taken by subscribers that will initiate the automation journey.

Customize Automation Flow

Design your automation journey using our grid builder, by adding steps, time delays, and conditional branches. Create a tailored experience for your subscribers based on their actions and preferences.

Craft Your Emails

Compose engaging emails for each step in the automation flow. Personalize the content to enhance the subscriber experience and achieve better results.

Monitor Performance

Keep track of subscriber progress throughout the automation, and analyze the performance of each email within the journey. Make data-driven decisions to optimize and refine your automation over time.

Triggers currently available in Automations

Signed up

Email submitted

Survey. Form Submission




Types of Automation Series

Welcome Series

Upgrade Series

Re-engagement Campaign

Content Series

Downgrade Series

Many Many more

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“I use beehiiv automations to deliver my reader magnets, such as e-books and PDFs, to premium subscribers. beehiiv makes it possible to target segmented audiences with each step of the automation workflow.”

Speak for the Heart

“I've created automations that introduce my referral program to recent subscribers. Before I had automations, I'd do a manual segmentation and email send every week. Automations have put this on cruise control.”

The AI Product Report

“I used this feature to replace the classic signup and confirmation emails. This way, I can welcome new subscribers, give them useful links to previous articles and encourage them to ask me questions or say 'hi'.It helps me learn more about them, and because they reply, my emails are less likely to get lost in their inboxes.”

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Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple