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Built by the same team who created Morning Brew’s referral program—a leading acquisition channel responsible for well over one million subscribers (and counting).

Fully integrated in one simple-to-use platform.

Write your newsletter, add the referral section, and monitor the engagement and growth of your list all within a single workflow.

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Analytics and reward management.

All the metrics you need to measure the success of your referral program, alongside the tools to manage and fulfill your reader's rewards.

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Get started in minutes. No code needed.

Just add your rewards and milestones. Everything will match your newsletter's existing aesthetic and provide a singular consistent experience for your readers.

Put your newsletter referral program on autopilot

You can have the most effective referral program in email for one flat price.

Native integration with your newsletter

Simply drop the referral block directly into your post wherever you want it.

No code needed

Customize the content, aesthetic, and logic of your referral program without writing a single line of code.

Bespoke rewards and milestones

You choose the incentives and milestones, we’ll handle the automation and heavy lifting.

Dynamically generated content

Every reader see's something different pending their referral status. (Something other solutions can't offer due to being a 3rd party)

Advanced fraud protection

We’ve built several layers of fraud protection to ensure referrals are legitimate.

Fulfillment management

You're notified when readers achieve milestones and can manage their fulfillment status accordingly.

Insights and metrics

Carefully crafted by those who understand referral programs—we'll provide the insights you need to scale.

Your brand aesthetic

Both the newsletter section and web hub match your brand colors, fonts, and style.

The all-in-one advantage

Why piece together (and pay for) multiple software tools when your newsletter and referral program can be fully integrated under one roof?

All of your data lives in one place, from a subscriber's email engagement to their referral progress.

No piecing together and managing desperate software solutions that aren't fully compatable.

Consistent brand presence across web, newsletter, referral hub, and automated emails.

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