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Recommendations are drivings thousands of signups per day across the beehiiv newsletter network.

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Search and add recommendations.

Our tool makes it simple to find relevant publications that your audience will love.

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Other newsletters will be notified and can reciprocate with just a single click.

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Recommendations become an organic part of the subscription process.

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We've reduced all friction, ensuring new readers can subscribe to your newsletter directly from the inbox.

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Measure the quality.

Our advanced analytics platform allows you to deep-dive into the quality of recommended subscribers.

The proof is in the pudding...

Newsletters on beehiiv are driving thousands of high-quality signups per day using our recommendation engine.

Recommendations have gone from 0 to 30% of my total subscribers. It’s the main reason I’m able to add 100+ subscribers to Psychology of Marketing every single day.

Abhishek Shah

Author, Psychology of Marketing


of all new subscribers attributed to beehiiv recommendations

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