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Gather quantitative and qualitative data directly from your readers, without them needing to leave the newsletter.


Capture Real-Time Feedback

Gather instantaneous feedback from your readers directly within your newsletter.

Elevate Engagement Metrics

Interactive elements like polls invite your readers to actively participate, making your emails more appealing and engaging.

Fine-Tune Your Content Strategy

Adjust and refine your content to better resonate with your audience and meet their needs.

Share Audience Insights

Spark discussions, build community, and create a sense of transparency and inclusivity.

How It Works

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! We highlight a company and every week have investors vote on what they think of the company. This data is incredibly valuable to have. The Beehiiv poll has literally become a core part of our product.


Polls have been a real game-changer for me. They've given me this amazing opportunity to directly ask people what they think, in a way that's super easy for them. Not only do these polls help me level up my content, but they also let me better tailor it to my audience. It's been incredibly helpful.

Ground Truth

Polls have made the newsletter way more interactive. Reading a newsletter is usually a completely static experience. It's really hard to design an interactive experience and get readers to engage with you. Embedded polls do this better than anything else we've found so far.

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Check out our case study on how The Milk Road grew from launch to hundreds of thousands of engaged subscribers to acquisition in under a year powered by beehiiv’s publishing suite.

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