The most comprehensive course on how to build, scale, and monetize your newsletter. Taught by the experts who have done it before.

We're sharing the secrets to building a 10 figure newsletter business.


Alex Lieberman

Cofounder @ Morning Brew

Tyler Denk

CEO @ beehiiv


Codie Sanchez

Founder @ Contrarian Thinking

Austin Rief

CEO @ Morning Brew

Max Tcheyan

Cofounder @ Puck News

Brian Hanly

CEO @ Bullish Studios

Adam Ryan

CEO @ Workweek

Neal Freyman

Managing Editor @ Morning Brew

Kendall Baker

Sports Editor @ Axios

Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Deliverability Specialist

Dan Oshinsky

Founder @ Inbox Collective

Brian Morrissey

Founder @ The Rebooting

Jenny Rothenberg

Cofounder @ Smooth Ops

Dan Krenitsyn

Strategy @ Facebook

Deep dive into the topics that matter most for you to scale a successful newsletter.

Direct access to the world's top newsletter experts.

Access an exclusive community and select workshops to take your newsletter to the next level.


Content & Design

Understand your audience and value proposition, and the business models best suited for each. Along with case studies and design pro-tips to make your newsletter stand out in the inbox.

Email & Deliverability

The pros and cons of using email as a channel, along with a crash course in what you need to do to land in your reader's inbox.

Subscriber Growth

A deep dive in how the world's top newsletters scaled to millions of highly engaged subscribers. No shortcuts, no gimmicks, just pure tactical growth strategies.

Monetization Strategies

Understand how to leverage your audience and maximize your earning potential. Whether you're monetizing via ads, subscriptions, affiliates, courses, or other methods—learn from those who have done it before at scale.

Diversification & Scale

There comes a time where the operation may need to scale beyond a single writer or a single newsletter, perhaps even into other verticals and mediums. And we have some of the best in the biz who have led these initiatives to share their experiences.


Join an exclusive community of newsletter operators to share tips, tricks, recommendations, and more.

NewsletterXP vs. Agency

The best money you'll ever spend on your newsletter.

Consultants & Agencies


$999 for lifetime access

$500 per hour

Time to Results

10-20 hours

Months to find and onboard


Our speakers have built some of the most successful businesses around.

Finding the right person who has the precise expertise you need to scale your newsletter is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Time Commitment

Fully self-paced. You decide how much time to invest based on your goals.

Hiring and finding the right team of experts to help can be a full time job.

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Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple