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Boost your newsletter’s growth and monetization with Newsletter Navigator. Our powerful growth metric calculators enable you to easily calculate and project key performance metrics.

Lifetime Value (LTV) Calculator

Lifetime value in the context of newsletters is the average value each additional subscriber is expected to provide between the time they subscribe and churn (unsubscribe or stop opening emails).


Total Subscribers

Open Rate

Unsubscribe Rate

Average Revenue / mo

Monthly Sends

Monthly Membership Price

Total Paid Subscriptions

Upgrades / mo

Downgrades / mo






Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Calculator

Understanding your newsletter’s costs to acquire new subscribers, and the length of time it will take to recoup those costs, is essential to profitably growing using paid channels like ads, affiliates, and sponsorships.

Subscribers Acquired from Paid Campaigns

Total Cost of Paid Campaigns




Payback period


22 months

Newsletter Ad Revenue Calculator

Estimate the value of your newsletter using monetization with ads.

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Sends per Month

Open Rate

CPM Target



Projected Revenue*


Referral Milestones

Want to build a referral program as successful as the Morning Brew? Designing a program that is compelling to your subscribers but doesn’t break the bank is crucial. Ensure that your rewards don’t break the bank and see how profitable referrals can be in relation to other channels.

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ReferralsLTVDescriptionTypeUnit CostShippingTotal CostUnder Budget?LTV:CAC

*This value is simply an approximation and is not a guarantee of expected revenue.

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