Performance-driven advertising like email has never seen.

Built by the same team who built Morning Brew’s internal ad tools.

Massive Reach, Massively Engaged

The highest quality readership in email at scale


Monthly Impressions


Unique Readers




Average open rate


Average CTR


Average ad CTR

The New Wave of Media Companies

Premium publishers, personalities, and brands

Performance Driven
Advertising 🤝 Newsletters

First Party Data

Continuous Optimization

A/B Testing

Be responsible with your marketing budget...

And invest in channels designed to provide an ROI.

The Long Longtail

Access thousands of niche, highly-engaged audiences

We are home to thousands of newsletters between 2,500 and 10,000 subscribers

We bundle dozens of newsletters to diversify your campaign

These newsletters have some of the most engaged audiences and also have had less exposure to ads

Your Marketing Team's Best Friend

Choose a package tier of your choice and submit ad assets

Natively integrate with thousands of quality newsletters

Seamlessly receive best-in-class campaign monitoring, optimization, and reporting

Make a statement in the inbox

Email isn’t dead. You just weren’t doing it right.

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