Empower Your Newsletter Strategy with 3D Analytics

Experience seamless, comprehensive analytics tailored for newsletters, driving informed decisions and accelerated growth.

Benefits of 3D Analytics™

Inform strategic decisions about content, marketing strategies, and audience targeting discovery.

Eliminate the need for manual data analysis or investing in multiple analytics platforms.

Visual, easy-to-understand dashboards help you quickly comprehend your data and trends.

Track the performance of different acquisition strategies, such as paid ads or referrals, helping you evaluate their return on investment and optimize accordingly.

How it works

Enjoy access to in-depth insights without the hassle. Two primary dashboards are available: Posts Report and Subscribers Report:

Posts Report

  • Analyze the performance and engagement of your posts
  • Uncover key insights within your data by filtering by the engagement metrics that matter to you

Subscribers Report

  • Analyze your performance and engagement by acquisition channel
  • Evaluate where your best subscribers originate so that you know where to invest your efforts

beehiiv's analytics tool is the most comprehensive newsletter analytics tool in the game! As a marketer who is always trying to find insights in data to better improve performance, I'm grateful that BeeHiiv's 3d analytics dashboard makes it easy to find those insights!

Growth Daily

Leveraging 3D Analytics has revolutionized how we perceive and process data. This powerful tool has tremendously increased our understanding of our newsletter's impact, enabling us to make more data-driven decisions, optimize our content strategies, and deliver a more compelling and personalized experience to our 55,000+ subscribers.

The AI Entrepreneurs

3D Analytics provides in-depth insights that bring data to life. With its comprehensive data visualizations, I can understand my subscribers better, tailor my content, and make data-driven decisions. It's a game-changer for optimizing my newsletter strategy!

Kiki and Mozart

From 0 to acquired in Under a Year

Check out our case study on how The Milk Road grew from launch to hundreds of thousands of engaged subscribers to acquisition in under a year powered by beehiiv’s publishing suite.

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