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How it works

Enjoy access to in-depth insights without the hassle. Two primary dashboards are available: Posts Report and Subscribers Report

Email Gating

Restricts access to valuable content and requires users to provide their email addresses to gain access

  • Customize the copy and design
  • Enable site-wide or on individual
  • Start collecting subscribers


  • Customize the copy and design
  • Enable site-wide or on individual pages
    • Activate when users have scrolled 50% down the page
    • Displays only once every seven days for each user
  • Start collecting subscribers

I’ve had multiple times where very large Twitter accounts shared newsletters of mine, which is awesome… but to most people it would appear as just an article. Thanks to the gating feature I not only know that people will be properly informed that they’re reading a newsletter, but those who make it far enough down the page to hit the gate are self selecting to be high quality subscribers. Unwinding The Thread

Unwinding The Thread

From our experience, pop-ups are the best way to capture a potential subscriber’s interest as soon as possible on our website. It’s a seamless experience, and beehiiv makes it super easy to customize the messaging to fit our brand voice and value add for salespeople.

The Funding Letter

Turning on the popup email capture form has resulted in a significant number of new subscribers from simply sharing my my posts on platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin.

Digital Asset Investor

From 0 to acquired in Under a Year

Check out our case study on how The Milk Road grew from launch to hundreds of thousands of engaged subscribers to acquisition in under a year powered by beehiiv’s publishing suite.

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