beehiiv vs. Mailchimp

We know this is a big decision for you, so let's make it easy.

But don't just take our word for it,here's Tom's story.

“We launched The Dink on Mailchimp in 2020, and quickly realized it wasn't a long-term solution for us. It was overcomplicated and we ended up needing to use a ton of external tools to accomplish relatively simple things.”


beehiiv is best for...

Content-focused newsletters and publications

All-in-one solution for website, email, data analytics, and growth tools

Ownership of your audience and custom aesthetic

Affordable flat-rate pricing that favors growing creators and companies

Enterprise-level solutions made simple and accessible to everyone

Mailchimp is good for:

One-off email blasts

Promotional or e-commerce emails

Small businesses offering online or in-person services

How we stack up

A side-by-side comparison of our comprehensive feature suite vs. the competition.

Mailchimp logo

Custom emails

API access

Custom fields

Embeddable subscribe forms

RSS Feed

Advanced audience segmentation

Advanced analytics

Custom domains

Publication website

Premium subscriptions

User authentication and paywalling

Promotions and free trials

Integrated referral program

1-click audience polls

Newsletter recommendations

Magic links

Popups and advanced email capture

Real-time email verification


“On beehiiv we immediately upgraded the aesthetic of our newsletter, launched a referral program, and starting driving meaningful engagement via 1-click audience polls. ”



“The Dink's engagement has been remarkable. We're consistently achieving 70% open rates, 10% CTRs, and our readers have become active referrers for our growth.”


Simple migration

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