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beehiiv vs. Mailchimp

beehiiv is the dynamic and modern alternative to Mailchimp, focused on newsletter growth and monetization.

but don’t just take our word

Here's The Dink's story



On beehiiv we immediately upgraded the aesthetic of our newsletter, launched a referral program, and starting driving meaningful engagement via 1-click audience polls.

beehiiv is best for

  • Content-focused newsletters and publications
  • All-in-one solution for website, email, data analytics, and growth tools
  • Ownership of your audience and custom aesthetic
  • Affordable flat-rate pricing that favors growing creators and companies
  • Enterprise-level solutions made simple and accessible to everyone

Mailchimp is good for

  • One-off email blasts
  • Promotional or e-commerce emails
  • Small businesses offering online or in-person services



We launched The Dink on Mailchimp in 2020, and quickly realized it wasn't a long-term solution for us. It was overcomplicated and we ended up needing to use a ton of external tools to accomplish relatively simple things.

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With beehiiv you’ll have the same suite of tools used by the world's largest newsletters.

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Monthly Pricing
Monthly email sendsUnlimited10,000
Free plan up to 2,500 subscribers
Up to 10,000 subscribers$49$135
Up to 100,000 subscribers$99$955
Take rate of premium subscriptions0%0%
Usage Features
Team members
Email sends
Web posts
Website Features
Web hosting
Subscribe forms
Advanced email capture
Custom domain
Survey forms
Advanced web builder
Newsletter Features
Custom builder
A/B Testing
Custom fields
Custom HTML
Audience polls
A/B Testing
Content creation AI
Recommendation network
Magic links
Referral program
Ad network
Premium subscriptions
Campaign analytics
Subscriber metrics
Advanced segmentation
Advanced analytics
API access
Normal support
Priority support
Account manager
Founder of Milk Road

“We launched on beehiiv with nothing, scaled to over 250,000 subscribers, and got acquired all in under a year. beehiiv is that powerful.”

Shaan Puri

Founder of Milk Road

Head of Growth

“We’ve been working with beehiiv for a year now and can’t recommend the product and their team more. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use, and an all-inclusive product that’s only made better by the great team behind it.”

Aine Stapleton

Head of Growth

estimated migration time: 10 minutes

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Upload subscribers

Download a csv of your existing email list and upload it directly to beehiiv.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.


Import existing content

Drop your current URL into our content import tool and we'll do the rest.

Estimated time: 5 minutes.


Transfer premium subscriptions

Your readers won't be notified of the switch—their payment method, billing cycle, and other settings will all remain unchanged...and now you'll keep 100% of your revenue.

Estimated time: 3 minutes.

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Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple